Lita's Piano Studio

Letters to Lita

Letter from a university student

December 2001

Dear Mrs. Zagala,
I just wanted to say thank you very very much for all the hard work, effort, extra time and patience, inspiration, and encouragement you have given me all these years!
It has been such a journey - I enjoyed every bit of it and I am going to miss piano and you very much.
I learned so much from you - not only piano technique but musicality, music history and theory, and performance too!
You are a born music teacher! Thanks so much and I hope that we keep in touch.
Claire Chow

Poem to Lita

by Erin Elliott

The wind will howl in the chimney
With its memories of sadness
The rain will patter on my roof
The faithful rhythm of long ago.
The lightning will flash at my window
With its brightness of invisible sound
The thunder will boom loudly in my ears
The song of the world's beginning
The warm coziness of my fire will crackle with life
With the threat of its fading and dying.
This I think to myself is the music of the storm.
Music that tells tales about times past.
Music can excite.
Music can calm.
Music can be as loud of thunder and as soft as a footstep on carpet.
Music is a great way to help us deal with life.
Mrs. Zagala taught me the gift and beauty of music.
For being a great and caring teacher,
For bringing me the challenge and wonders of music,
I am so very grateful.
Thank you Lita.

Letter from Mark Yung and family

December 2006
Dear Mrs. Zagala,
Thank you very much for teaching me with so much patience and caring. I have developed a good learning habit through piano practice. I'm sure it will help me in school and other areas in the future.
Thank you, Mrs. Zagala.
Mark Yung and family